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Welcome to Soccer Stars United

Your Pathway to Competitive Soccer

Soccer Stars United is an advanced travel and development soccer program for players ages 4.5–18. The program lays the foundations for technical skill development, tactical understanding and promotes a healthy and lasting appreciation for the sport.


Experienced Coaching

Learn from licensed coaches dedicated to developing players' technical proficiency, tactical understanding and team-building skills.

Progressive Training

Enhance technical ability, game intelligence, and skill development through tailored, challenging activities designed by our expert coaches.

Developmental Environment

Nurture talent with a focus on innovative training methods, competitive play, and fostering a passion for soccer in a supportive setting.

Long Term Pathway

Prepare for club, high school, collegiate soccer and beyond with our developmental pathway, ensuring continuous growth and advancement.

Engaging Skill Development

Participate in engaging activities that focus on both technical and tactical skills, designed to prepare players for effective team participation.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Benefit from a curriculum that introduces and refines technical skills, tactical elements, and team concepts, providing advanced training for all players.


Development Program

Building Foundations For Advanced Soccer

Our Development program, for 4.5 to 10 year olds, offers weekly classes designed for players who are ready for a higher level of soccer instruction. As the natural progression from Super Soccer Stars, the Advanced Development Program combines a competitive environment with a unique, nurturing methodology.

Development Programs

Ball Play

The foundation of the Soccer Stars United Pathway focuses on developing player moves and individual dribbling techniques. Ball mastery, different cuts, feints and turns are introduced as players begin to develop comfort in possession of the soccer ball.

Group Play

Players transition from individual to group play to enhance their dribbling, passing, shooting, and team play abilities. The emphasis is placed on encouraging positive attitudes, persistence, and effort, preparing players for a team environment.

competitive play

Early building blocks centered on attacking and defending the goal are introduced. Offensive and defensive transitions will be developed to create synergy within the group, highlighting the importance of good communication, respect, and sportsmanship.

Travel Team Program

your game

Compete in local and regional leagues with a unique soccer program that fosters both challenge and support. Our philosophy encourages self-expression, creativity, and calculated risks on the field. Focus areas include character development, communication, game insight, technique, and fitness.

Our objective is to build up each player, confidence to unlock their true potential.

*Soccer Stars United Teams available in select locations.

For the committed athlete ready to compete at a higher level

Our Travel Program is the competitive club soccer division of Soccer Stars United. For committed athletes aged 7-18 in the New York region, our program offers advanced training and a tight-knit soccer community. Successful tryouts determine team placement for local, regional, and national competitions, paving the way to collegiate and professional soccer.

Players join level-specific and age-appropriate competitive teams and practice multiple times a week. They join multiple practices per week across Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons and participate in games and tournaments on weekends, throughout the school year.


Advanced Coaching

Benefit from high-level coaching that challenges players and elevates their game.

Elite Competition

Compete against top-tier teams in regional and national tournaments, showcasing player talent to scouts and coaches.

Holistic Development

Cultivate mental toughness, leadership, and academic excellence, preparing players for success in all areas of life.

SSU Plus Clinics

Refine your skills and stay ahead of the game

Our Soccer Stars United Plus clinics consist of individualized and group structured training sessions led by our Director of Coaching and qualified coaches.

Training Program

Personalized 1-on-1 instruction to enhance a player’s skill level outside of scheduled training sessions.

Goal Keeper

Comprehensive training, available for players U8 and up, aiming to enhance their goalkeeping skills.


Specialized 1-on-1 coaching focused on techniques and strategies to maximize goal-scoring opportunities.

BEYOND SSU: Where We Are United

At Soccer Stars United, we believe in the power of soccer to change lives. Our SSU alumni have gone on to play at collegiate, semi-professional, and professional levels, and we’re proud to have played a part in their soccer journey.

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