Parent & Me is a parent-child pre-soccer, music, and movement program designed for toddlers between 12 and 24 months. Our program focuses on nurturing toddlers' physical, cognitive, and social skills through fun, engaging activities with our puppet friends, Mimi & Pepe.

Dive into a world of stimulating play and physical engagement alongside your little one in our program.

Program Benefits

Fun and engaging curriculum

The curriculum is designed to be fun and engaging, keeping the toddlers interested and excited. We use imagery-based activities, highlighting the animal and the movement of the week. We also use songs suitable for the developmental stages of young children.

Age-appropriate activities

Tailored for toddlers, the activities aim to improve balance, coordination, and motor skills through playful upper-body and lower-body exercises.

Social skills development

In addition to physical benefits, the program focuses on developing social relationships such as sharing and communication in a group setting. Individual attention, positive reinforcement, and engaging original music help develop pre-soccer skills that will have your toddler learning to balance, run, kick, and play—all while having a blast!

Parent Involvement

Caregivers actively participate in the sessions, providing a supportive and encouraging environment for their children and strengthening the bond. We create a n environment where caregivers interact with their toddlers as much as possible. Toddlers get the most out of the experience when they see their caregivers playing along with them!

Professional Coaches

The program is led by experienced and professional coaches who are trained to work with toddlers.

Class Overview




Soccer Activity

Cognitive Game

Our Program

Our class provides a secure and comfortable environment with predictable routines that toddlers thrive in. We introduce toddlers, 12-24 months, and their parents to pre-soccer, movement, and development activities focused on developing gross motor, social, and cognitive learning skills. Parent & Me classes use music, puppets, and animal themes to engage toddlers throughout class and build upon their knowledge of counting, colors,and body parts.

The Activities

Parent & Me class starts with a welcome song and an introduction of weekly animal themes before starting our warm-up, upper body, lower body, and cognitive activities. We focus on overall movement capability from stretching to throwing, kicking, running, and jumping. We ensure that a full range of body movements is explored each week. Caregivers and toddlers establish a friendly and predictable routing, listening to directions and engaging in exciting music, movement, and pre-soccer activities.


Within a few short months, toddlers often transition from complete dependency on their caregivers to learning the basic concepts of independence. With this transition, toddlers often need the support of their adult helpers to feel comfortable and secure as they learn new skills. In our classes, we create an environment where caregivers play alongside their toddlers to get the most out of the experience!

give your toddler the gift of fun, learning & development

Find a Parent & Me class for your toddler! We ask that one caregiver accompany each toddler to class.

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