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Soccer School with Soccer Stars

Empowering Kids to Thrive

At Soccer Stars, our toddler soccer programs are designed to give your child a positive first-sport experience. With a curriculum created by soccer and early childhood specialists, your toddler will be able to engage in a physical learning experience that’s equal parts exciting and educational.

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Teaching the FUNdamentals of Soccer, From Crib to College

Whether your toddler is ready to try their first sport or your preteen wants to take their skills up a notch, our soccer school offers a class that’s right for you! Soccer Stars offers programs designed for youth of all ages and follows a curriculum developed by early childhood and youth soccer experts.

Each soccer school class is fully tailored for its intended age group, and our coaches are trained to adapt their teaching methods to the physical developmental stage as well as the social and emotional stages of their class age group. From taking their first kick to playing with a competitive travel team, kids ages 12 months to 12+ years can grow in their skill sets while having a ball during soccer school. 

Why Is Soccer School Different with Soccer Stars?

There’s nothing better than watching as your kid makes their first pass, scores their first goal, and high-fives their teammates after a scrimmage—all while smiling and laughing! Our passion is creating this type of fun, energizing environment where kids are free to improve and play at their own rate without pressure. If you’re looking for a soccer school for your child, here’s more about what sets Soccer Stars programs apart.  

Positive Reinforcement – Teaching Through Supportive Words & Encouragement

As soon as your child sets foot on our field, they enter an environment where they can feel safe, accepted, and confident in their abilities. Our coaches always use positive reinforcement as they teach, encouraging kids to grow at their own pace and gain self-confidence along the way. For many of the kids in our soccer school, this is their first-ever sport! And we love the opportunity to provide a positive first-spot experience and ignite a passion for play. 

Full-Person Development – Nurturing Your Child’s Physical, Social, Emotional, & Cognitive Development

At each age, kids are apt to learn different kinds of pre-soccer and soccer skills. The way a 2-year-old learns soccer is not the same as a 4-year-old, and our coaches are trained to alter their approach based on their class age and stage of development. As a result, the Soccer Stars coaching style means that your child is understood for who they are as a whole—physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Toddlers, children, pre-teens, and teens, can experience a soccer class tailored to their overall development with opportunities to foster growth in every area of who they are. Many parents appreciate this holistic approach to working with their kids.

Non-Competitive Atmosphere – Prioritizing Connection, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship 

As part of our holistic approach, we consider the stage of social development for each age group and incorporate ways to develop healthy and positive social skills through soccer school. While learning and playing soccer, our coaches help kids learn how to work together, support one another, and cooperate as a team. We value sportsmanship, so whether children are scoring goals or playing defense, they’ll always be able to feel connected and have fun with other kids.

Individualized Attention

With a low child-to-coach ratio, your soccer star will feel seen and appreciated by Soccer Stars coaches. Each player will have the attention necessary to stay engaged and to feel encouraged. Whether through our group soccer classes or private soccer training, our soccer school programs offer players ample opportunity to receive the level of attention they need.

Elevate Your Game

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Soccer school with Soccer Stars offers developmentally appropriate classes that are creative, fun, and educational—and appreciated by both parents and kids alike. Below is a quick overview of soccer school opportunities with Soccer Stars. 

Super Soccer Stars features age-specific classes to learn the fundamentals of soccer and refine skills through progressive lesson plans. For toddlers and younger, classes offer opportunities for parent participation.

Soccer Stars United is intended for players who are poised for a higher level of play and instruction. This advanced program helps players prepare for, and eventually join, Soccer Stars travel teams.  

Shining Stars is a program for players of all abilities, including those with developmental and intellectual disabilities, to grow life skills, gross motor skills, social skills, and more. It is designed by licensed educators and therapists.

After-School Enrichment

After-School Enrichment offers kids a way to keep learning and growing after school through soccer. We partner with early childhood and elementary programs to provide in-house programming.


Private classes give players the chance to work one-on-one with a dedicated private soccer trainer. You can also choose to create your own class with a small group of your choice.

Summer & Day
off camps

Summer camps and day-off camps feature fun-packed experiences for players of all ages. We even offer unique blended camps, such as soccer and art camps.

Let’s kick it together!

Get ready to watch as your toddler, child, or teen dribbles and runs on the field while having a great time with friends.

Ready to spark a love of soccer and elevate your game? Register for soccer school today by viewing our upcoming class schedule.

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