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Participating in practice and skill drills is only part of the fun for many young soccer players. The real excitement starts when it’s time for league play. Soccer leagues offer an opportunity for athletes to put their practice into action. Taking the skills they learned throughout the week and using them on the field is a great way to improve. 

While not every soccer league is the same, Soccer Stars has created an environment that allows players to challenge each other on the field while also focusing on developing teamwork and sportsmanship. 

Looking for a soccer league to join? View our open leagues today. 

A soccer coach huddled and taking with his players.

Should Kids Play in a Soccer League?

Many parents, especially those with younger children, are apprehensive about signing their kids up to play in a soccer league. While there is always a small risk of injury when playing a contact sport, Soccer Stars does everything in its power to ensure the safety of the players. 

An experienced coach guides each team and helps the kids warm up, work through skill drills, and understand how to play the game properly.


Benefits of Playing in a Youth Soccer League

Even though many kids love to play a variety of sports, there are several benefits of playing in a youth soccer league. 

Develop Soccer Skills

The most obvious benefit is the ability to work on skills in a live environment. Most practices include learning to execute certain drills focused on shooting, passing, or defense. However, this doesn’t leave much time for athletes to apply what they learn to an in-game situation. 

Participating in a weekly soccer league allows players to build confidence, try out their skills, and identify areas for further development. 


Improve Exercise Habits

As kids grow older, the habits they learn earlier in life tend to stay with them. Anyone who has played a soccer match knows how physically and mentally taxing it can be. Even though many of the athletes playing in a Soccer Stars league are under 12, the games still offer a chance to run and exercise. 

Early exposure to physical activity can help instill good exercise habits for children as they move into adulthood. 


Create Lasting Memories

Soccer leagues offer many benefits, but the biggest advantage is the chance to create lasting memories. Often, kids who play together in a league environment become friends, and form relationships that will last a lifetime. 

Even though it’s not the MLS, winning a game or finishing first overall in any soccer league is an achievement players carry with them long after the season. 


Soccer Stars Soccer League Overview

The Soccer Stars Rec League offers players between the ages of 5 and 12 the opportunity to have a nurturing first sports experience. All children are welcome to play and learn the FUNdamental skills needed to succeed in the sport. Through teamwork and hands-on coaching, players can develop at their own pace while creating a lasting love of the game. 


What to Expect

Even though each Soccer Stars coach will work with team members to improve their overall gameplay, there are several elements of the soccer league that players should expect, including:

  • Maximizing touches and goals
  • Learning to work as a team
  • Improving problem-solving skills
  • Developing on-field skills
  • Fostering a love of the game


Soccer League Options

Currently, there are four different soccer leagues that parents and players can choose from based on age. Below is a breakdown of what to expect from each league. 

A view of our website with options for varius soccer leagues. These leagues vary by ages, where kids from age 5 to 12 can play.


Take Your Skills to the Next Level with a Soccer Stars Soccer League

Whether your player’s goal is to someday compete at the collegiate or professional level or simply engage in a friendly competition each week, a soccer league is a great place to start. These competitive matches allow kids to improve their skill sets while learning life lessons. 

Learn more about the soccer leagues we have available this year.

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