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Many young athletes start soccer at an early age. Typically, families enroll their toddlers in the sport to improve their social skills and foster a healthy love for exercise. However, even during their first season, children begin learning many soccer fundamentals.

While new athletes are not expected to pick up all the nuances of the game right away, after several practices and games, many kids quickly understand the basics of soccer. 

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What are the Fundamentals of Soccer?

There are many elements and rules players need to understand in order to play soccer. The following section examines six of the most important soccer fundamentals your athlete will learn while playing with Soccer Stars. 


Soccer Fundamental #1 — Dribbling

Another way players can advance down the field is by dribbling the soccer ball. Unlike passing, dribbling is a single-player technique that doesn’t require the assistance of a teammate. While putting separation between the player and defender can be a great way to create space for shooting, it’s often not as effective as passing when covering long distances.

When young athletes are just starting, it can be challenging to keep the ball close while running and dribbling at the same time. Often, Soccer Star coaches devise fun drills to help improve player movement when they have the ball.


Soccer Fundamental #2 — Shooting

For many players, shooting is the most exciting part of the game. Not only do they have the opportunity to score a goal, but even taking a shot at the goal can be rewarding. 

Early in a player’s career, shooting doesn’t need to be fancy — often, it’s as simple as kicking the ball toward the net. However, as the athlete grows and develops, it’s important to work on additional shooting skills such as accuracy, bend, and multi-foot shooting.


Soccer Fundamental #3 — Gameplay

Understanding the nuances of soccer is vital for anyone who wants to play competitively. However, toddlers and young kids just starting their soccer journey don’t need to immediately grasp every rule and regulation. 

Instead, Soccer Stars coaches focus on guiding athletes through the most important aspects of the game. Then as players become more comfortable with the game and learn the basics, rules such as offsides and hand balls are added back into live play. 


Soccer Fundamental #4 — Passing

Ultimately, players must learn several key fundamentals to play a soccer game — the first is passing.

Passing is the most effective way to move the ball down the field quickly and into position for an attempt at scoring. Since most young athletes lack the power to send long passes down the pitch, many coaches first teach passing with the inside of the foot. 

These passes are easier to control and can be the perfect way to advance the ball.


Soccer Fundamental #5 — Positions

When first starting out, most young players have a chance to play in multiple positions throughout the game. However, as they become more accustomed to soccer, they might prefer a different spot on the field. 

Generally, most leagues will have teams comprised of the following positions:

  • Forward
  • Midfielder
  • Defender
  • Goalkeeper


Soccer Fundamental #6 — Goalkeeping

The final fundamental piece of soccer is goalkeeping. While every position on the field is essential to the game, no one has the same responsibility as the goalkeeper or goalie. 

It’s the goalkeeper’s job to prevent the other team from scoring by defending the net. For some young players, this position can be challenging as there are different rules compared to those playing midfield or defense. For instance, goalies can use their hands to stop the ball from going into the net.


Soccer Fundamental #7 — Set Pieces

When a foul occurs or the ball goes out of bounds, certain situations happen called set pieces. Depending on the reason the official stops play, the set piece could include:

  • Corner Kicks
  • Penalty Kicks
  • Throw-ins
  • Goal Kicks
  • Free Kicks


Learning Soccer Fundamentals in a Fun and Nurturing Environment

As a young player just getting started in soccer, it’s important to have the right first experience of the game. Many children are overwhelmed with the amount of rules that come with playing and often need guidance when learning the fundamentals.

Soccer Stars coaches understand the impact a good first impression can have on new athletes, which is why we focus on teaching soccer fundamentals in a fun and nurturing way. 

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