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Private soccer lessons are one of the best ways to improve soccer skills. While many assume this type of training involves grueling routines and repetitive drills, this is not the case with all programs. Soccer stars provides  great options fo players who want to practice together in a fun, organized environment . 

At Soccer Stars, you can choose what type of experience your player receives during a private soccer lesson. For instance, many players have group lessons with friends and a favorite coach. This allows for a more laid-back training experience that provides opportunities for families to develop relationships on and off the field. 

This style of training not only helps with skill improvement but also builds the foundation of teamwork. 


Want to schedule a private soccer lesson for your player and their friends? Request a private lesson today


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Fun Soccer Lessons-Just-For-You: How It Works

Even though some private soccer lessons strictly focus on improving soccer skills with a specific goal, such as shooting accuracy, most structure the group outings as an organized playgroup for young athletes.

Our organization works with parents to better understand their goals. Many families  just want their children to have fun, in an organized way to build a flexible schedule with their friends.


Pick the Place for Your Private Lesson

Depending on your personal preference, Soccer Stars private lessons can be hosted either indoors or outdoors. Here are some of the places they can meet you for your lesson:  


  • Local park or a Soccer Stars field at a local partner location 
  • Fitness studio
  • School gym (Many schools will make their gyms available to student families!)
  • Squash court
  • Your very own backyard 


If you need help finding a spot, get in touch with Soccer Stars. They would be happy to help you find the right spot around your neighborhood.


Pick the Time You’d Like to Train 

Soccer Stars coaches typically have availability 7 days a week and will do their best to honor your preferred time slot. 


Private soccer lessons are offered in standard 40-60 minute sessions or multi-hour sessions for those wanting more learning and playtime. 


Kids and coaches huddled together having fun.


What’s Included in a Private Soccer Lesson? It’s Up to You! 

The benefit of private soccer lessons is that you get to create the focus of the class and ensure your goals are being met! The different class types offered are as follows, but you are always free to design your own experience. 


  • Fundamentals – Players will be led through drills and games with the goal of developing fundamentals at their own pace. 
  • Development – This class involves developing technical skills, footwork, and ball mastery, as well as shooting and defending.


Whether you’d like to choose one class type to focus on, or you’re interested in a range of skill sets to develop, Soccer Stars has   you covered. 


Soccer Stars Private Lessons: Amp Up Your Confidence on the Field By Creating Your Own Class

Through every soccer program they offer, Soccer Stars goal is always to help players develop at their own rate. They  use positive reinforcement and a non-competitive approach to create a lifelong love of the game and to instill self-confidence in our players.  Soccer Stars considers it a privilege to teach life skills through soccer and believes in the power of the game to create impact on and off the field. 

Ready to see major improvements in your player’s skills, teamwork,  and self-confidence? Request private soccer lessons today.

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