Set up a Private Class & Camp

  • Completely Personalized Experience
  • One-on-One, Sibling, or Small Group Sessions
  • You Choose When and Where
  • Work on Fundamentals or Focus on Particular Skill


What we offer!

Private Classes & Camps are now also available as interactive virtual classes!
Private Classes and Camps are a completely personalized experience—set up a one-on-one, sibling, or small group session. Work on the fundamentals or give extra focus on a particular skill you and your player want to enhance.
Private Classes and Camps can meet at any appropriate indoor or outdoor space available near you, including parks and even your own backyard! Coaches can also come to your building’s gym, playroom, squash court, or other open space. Some schools will even make their gyms available to their students’ families. If you need assistance finding a spot, check with our office for suitable spots in your neighborhood.

For an added dynamic, book an INTERNATIONAL private class with one of our multilingual coaches. Our unique, international classes can be catered to your needs: choose to have your class taught solely in your selected foreign language, or choose our “learning language” curriculum, where introductory language elements will be infused into an English-based format.

Set in a fun, non-competitive environment, Soccer Stars offers the nation’s most popular children’s soccer program for kids ages 1 and up. Backed by 20 years of experience, Soccer Stars offers a unique, age-specific curriculum that is crafted to improve soccer skills, build self-confidence, and develop socialization skills.

Our Private Classes!

Private soccer classes offer a 60-minute class session, allowing you the option to completely personalize your class experience. Work on fundamentals or give extra focus on a particular soccer skill to enhance.

Our Private Camps!

Private soccer camps are 3-hour sessions for a more extended play & learning experience. Choose between FUNdamental Recreational Soccer, Advanced Development, & Competitive Level Soccer, or Multi-Sport PE with Amazing Athletes.

Programs for all ages.

You say when and where, and we bring the soccer fun there!

Price list

Class Ratio & Pricing

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Organizer Discount

Private group organizers save 30% OFF their child’s registration when setting up a Pod with 5 children (6 class minimum).
Save an extra 10% for each additional child in your group, up to 100% off! 12 children = Organizer’s child FREE

Group Discount

Set up a private session with 10+ classes and all participants receive a 10% discount!

Rental Fee

Indoor class rate may vary by time & location. There may be an additional rental fee for the space you select.